Distinguished Speaker Series 2016

Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum

2016 Distinguished Speaker Series

Most presentations at 11:00 AM (220 Market Street)& are free 

March 5, 2016  Tom Figg “Redevelopment:  The Metamorphosis of Port Hueneme.”

April 2, 2016 Author and Lighthouse Curator Rose Castro-Bran “Port Hueneme & Great Los Angeles Area Lighthouses.”

May 14, 2016 Mayor Pro Tem Jonathan Sharkey “Dedication of Monterey Cypress Plaque.”

May 21, 2016 Julie Tumanait-Stenslie “Chumash Culture, History and Song.” (Within the Context of Chumash Storytelling)

June 4, 2016 Oxnard Harbor District Marketing Dir. Will Berg “History of the Port: 1872 to 1960;” June 11, 2016 “History of the Port: 1960 to Present.”

July 30, 2016 Author Gerry Olsen “Adolfo Camarillo.”

August 6, 2016   Eleanor Arellanes “Chumash History”

August 20, 2016  Georgia Newton Pulos “Joanna Bard Newton” (Daughter of Richard Bard & Joan Boyd Bard).

September 17, 2016  Council Member Sylvia Munos Schnopp “Hispanic History Month.”

October 1, 2016 Channel Island Harbor Director Lyn Krieger “Sand Erosion and Replenishment”

October 8, 2016  Mayor Doug Breeze “What the City of Port Hueneme has done for the Oxnard Harbor District.”

October 15, 2016

October 23, 2016 Connie Korenstein and Diane Mautner  “Levy, Wolf and Lehmann and other Jewish Pioneers in old Hueneme” Note this is on Sunday.

October 29, 2016 Will Berg “Update on Port of Hueneme Security”

November 5, 2016   Captain Bill Hodge, Captain Bob Quinn, Master Chief Jim Daniels and Corporal Ron Mongeau “50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War.”

November 11, 2016 “2016 Veteran’s Day Celebration Note:  This event will be at 9:00 AM in front of City Hall

November 19, 2016 “Celebration of WWII Greatest Generation” 

December 10, 2016  Lydia Stevenson “A Tribute to Elaine Garber”  Elaine will be receiving the “People Who Make a Difference” Award