Adolfo Camarillo by Gerry Olsen

The Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum Distinguished Speaker Series: Gerry Olsen

 Adolfo_as_a_middle-age_man__OP_Gerry Olsen will be speaking about Adolfo Camarillo at the Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum 220 Market Street on July 30, 2016 at 11:00AM.  Admission is free.

Don Adolfo Camarillo may have been small in stature, according to author Gerry Olsen, but he made a big impact on the community—including Port Hueneme.

Camarillo, who only stood about five feet tall, worked closely with Hueneme’s Achille Levy to bring lima beans, walnuts and other crops to the region.

The lumber for his spectacular Victorian home (Camarillo Ranch House) was unloaded at Thomas Bard’s wharf.

Adolfo Camarillo was a horse breeder (Camarillo White Horse), a rancher (Rancho Calleguas), a philanthropist and volunteer who belonged to nearly 40 organizations.   Even late in life, he sometimes attended two or three meetings a day.

Two years ago, Gerry Olsen published a biography titled Don Adolfo Camarillo: A Living Legend—it was released just in time to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Don Adolfo Camarillo’s birth.

Olsen is a former public information office for the Ventura Community College District, a member of the Camarillo Ranch Foundation, and retired newspaperman. He also wrote a biography about his Norwegian immigrant grandparents, Nils and Ellen Olsen, who settled in the Conejo Valley in the late 1880s.

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