Chumash Leader Speech

The Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum Distinguished Speaker Series: Julie Tumanait-Stenslie15me and hus

Julie Tumanait-Stenslie will be speaking about Chumash Culture, History and Song (Within the Context of Chumash Storytelling) at the Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum 220 Market Street on May 21, 2016 at 11:00AM.

Julie traces her Chumash ancestry through her father, Vincent Tumamait, a leader or paha among the Chumash.

She has tracked her ancestors to at least eleven known Chumash villages and as far back in time as the middle of the Eighteenth Century. Historically, that’s even before the Portolá Expedition of 1769 reached Alta California.

Julie will talk about the ancient homelands of the Chumash that once extended from the villages of Hichimin, Lu’upsh and Swaxil on Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands—to as far north as San Luis Obispo County—and as far south as Humaliwo (Malibu).

Julie has resided in the Ojai area almost her entire life, and currently resides in a Meiner’s Oaks home located very near the birthplace of her great-great-grandmother, Maria Ricarda Alulalmeque, who raised in the Chumash village of Matilija.

In addition to raising three nearly adult children, she and her husband Bruce share their home with one rabbit, two birds, four dogs, eleven chickens and too many cats to count.


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